Thursday, September 25, 2008

GREAT news!!!

Burt and I got our karyotyping results back today and it was completely normal. we are genetically compatible. We can continue trying to have children!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


WOW!!! It has been a crazy busy month!!! Not a lot has happened - it has just been busy!!! Mom and the boys were here this weekend. We had so much fun.

On the fertility front - nothing has changed. I went back to see Dr. Isaacs on September 3 and he did a karyotyping type but it is not back yet. He also referred me to another specialist - one that specializes in Recurrent Pregnancy Loss. Dr. Kutteh is in Memphis. I will go see him on October 21st and I can't wait. The way Dr. I explained it to me is that Dr. Kutteh will run some tests and see if he can find the "missing puzzle piece" and then I will go back to Dr. I for treatment. I will keep you posted as it goes.

Burt just left for Nashville. He is going to a Youth Minister's Leadership Conference at Lifeway this week!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

To Answer Comments

First of all, who left me the comment with another doctor's contact information?

Also, Heather, yes, I was on Prometrium 200mg twice a day from IUI until this past week and I was having my progesterone checked along with the beta's and everything looked GREAT!! I thought maybe my progesterone was low too, but it kept coming back fine!! Who knows!!!

Thanks everyone for your prayers and support!!