Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I have never cared for the dentist. I used the same one growing up - all my life - until I got married. I have used the same dentist here in Greenville for the past 6 years. I love both dentists - as a person. I just hate someone working inside my mouth - I guess because it is such a sensitive area and I can't see what they are doing.

I had to get a crown today. Well, at least the temporary. I will have to go back next Tuesday to get the permanent. My mouth wouldn't numb so I had to have 6 shots. I still don't have all of the feeling back yet and I had the work done at 8:00 this morning.

I am tired tonight. I just feel drained. The heat is not helping. It is so incredibly hot here and it is only May. It is going to be a very long, hot summer. Church was GREAT tonight. My pastor's sister and her family were there. They are missionaries to India. It was neat to here their stories about how God is moving among the Hindu and Muslim people!!!!

We taped a video skit after church tonight with the youth. If it gets edited in time it will be played Sunday in church. It is to Casting Crown's "We Are the Body".

I need everyone to pray for me. I have been having the most powerful worship services with God on the way to work in the mornings - listening to The Message on XM Radio but I am having a hard time doing my personal Bible Study at home. It seems there is never any time and I am having trouble making time. I guess I'm just in a slump. I can't find any good material to study by. Nothing seems to "fit" my life right now. I finished "Moments for Couples Who Long for Children" several months ago and have been having trouble ever since. Any suggestions?

Today is cycle day 7. No side effects from the increased dosage of Letrozole yet.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

Well, I guess you have figured out by now that last month was a no-go. I called Dr. Isaacs office on Thursday and he decided to up my dosage of Letrozole to 5 mg on days 5-9? Has anyone out there taken 5mg? Why was your dosage increased? I didn't get to talk to my regular nurse. I may try to call back and see what the logic behind the increase is since I had such good follicles.

I had a crazy busy week last week. We opened the pool at the tennis club on Saturday and I spent all week getting ready for it - including cleaning the pool. The club manager left the country for 4 weeks and failed to let the pool guy know when the pool would be opened. He also asked her a question about his pay before she left and she said she would get back to him and never did so he thought we let him go and so he didn't take care of the pool for a week and it turned black. But all went well on Saturday!!!!

Mom came and brought Noah on Saturday and KK came on Sunday. We had a GREAT time with them. Noah went swimming a lot. We bought him a kiddie pool for our house. He calls it "The Pond". We cooked out today. Well, let me rephrase that. I cooked out today. Mom cleaned my house and KK and Burt sat on the back porch. Burt was up all night Friday and Saturday grilling Boston Butts for a fundraiser.

Oh and today is cd 5 by the way!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008



It was faintly positive until Saturday. I guess it just took a while this month to get the trigger out. I guess it could still turn positive, but I'm not feeling very optimistic.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Not much is happening in my world. Just waiting....waiting....waiting.....The story of my life.

Let me get you caught up. Let's see what has happened in my world.

Last Friday I woke up queasy. I know what you're thinking - but remember that it was only 3dpiui. I was sick on my stomach until about 7 pm. I threw up several times and couldn't stay out of the potty. We drove home to see Mom (3.5 hours) in all of this. We got to Meridian around 6:00 and went to Eli's baseball game. Luckily, I only threw up once at the game. Saturday we took it easy and played with Eli and Noah and went shopping with Mom, Amy, and Todd. Sunday was, of course, Mother's Day. It was nice. I only cried once and it was in the shower. I teared up a few times but I only lost it once. I even made it through Mother Recognition and Baby Dedication at church. They recognized the graduates at church too. Anna Kate was recognized. She is graduating from 3 year old kindergarden tonight. Aunt Bet had to take her all the way down ion front of the church. After church we cooked out with the family and then played with Eli, Noah, Anna Kate, and Essi at Nannie and Papaw's until 7:00. I didn't want to leave. We were having such a good time.

Monday after work I had a board meeting at the tennis club.

Tuesday I had a pool committee meeting at the tennis club.

Last night I gave a final and tonight I am giving a final. This semester is OVER TONIGHT!!!! :)

I have been cheating and taking tests. I took one Tuesday and it had a very faint second line. I know it is the trigger shot still getting out of my system. I took another yesterday and the second line was even fainter. I took another one today and it is barely even there. I figured it would be completely gone by now. Today is 9 dpiui. I will take another one in the morning. Last time an IUI worked I got a very faint positive on 10 dpiui and BFP on 11 dpiui. I didn't trigger that time though.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Quick Update

Just a quick update before I run off to work.

I went Monday at 2:30 and had another ultrasound and then a trigger shot. I had no follicles on the left side but the right look great. I had 2 on the left side - a 23 mm and a 16 mm. The 16 mm is INSIDE the 23 mm. Has anyone ever heard of this or know anything about it?? Any information would be greatly appreciated. My lining was at 8. I went in yesterday morning at 7:00 and had the IUI so now I guess we are in the 2ww!!!

If I don't get to blog again before I head out of town on Friday
Have a wonderful day!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Ultrasound Results

I have been in limbo with the ultrasound results. Dr. Isaacs was not there so one of the nurses did the ultrasound for me. She was really through. But they were going to have to send the results to Dr. I and see what he says. They told me if I don't hear from them over the weekend to come back Monday at 2:30 for the IUI. Here are the results:

Lining - 7mm

Right Ovary
1 egg at 11 mm
1 egg at 8 mm
6 more under 10

Left Ovary
1 egg at 14 mm
1 egg at 10 mm
7 more under 10

I really, really, really hope I ovulate from both ovaries. My left tube was once blocked so I am always afraid it is blocked again. After last month when everything was perfect and I didn't get pregnant and I knew that I only ovulated from the left side - I am really afraid it may be blocked again.

Please keep us in your prayers this weekend. I will let you know what happens Monday. I really hope I get another ultrasound before the IUI.

Burt went to Deer Camp for a meeting today. I am going to work for a bit and then to a crawfish boil at a co-workers house. I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend and it is not stormy wherever you are. We had 3 tornadoes touch down very close to Greenville last night. 1 was 30 minutes west of here and then came through G'town and then 1 came through here and touched down about 30 minutes North of here and then another one touched down about 30 minutes east of here.