Thursday, May 15, 2008


Not much is happening in my world. Just waiting....waiting....waiting.....The story of my life.

Let me get you caught up. Let's see what has happened in my world.

Last Friday I woke up queasy. I know what you're thinking - but remember that it was only 3dpiui. I was sick on my stomach until about 7 pm. I threw up several times and couldn't stay out of the potty. We drove home to see Mom (3.5 hours) in all of this. We got to Meridian around 6:00 and went to Eli's baseball game. Luckily, I only threw up once at the game. Saturday we took it easy and played with Eli and Noah and went shopping with Mom, Amy, and Todd. Sunday was, of course, Mother's Day. It was nice. I only cried once and it was in the shower. I teared up a few times but I only lost it once. I even made it through Mother Recognition and Baby Dedication at church. They recognized the graduates at church too. Anna Kate was recognized. She is graduating from 3 year old kindergarden tonight. Aunt Bet had to take her all the way down ion front of the church. After church we cooked out with the family and then played with Eli, Noah, Anna Kate, and Essi at Nannie and Papaw's until 7:00. I didn't want to leave. We were having such a good time.

Monday after work I had a board meeting at the tennis club.

Tuesday I had a pool committee meeting at the tennis club.

Last night I gave a final and tonight I am giving a final. This semester is OVER TONIGHT!!!! :)

I have been cheating and taking tests. I took one Tuesday and it had a very faint second line. I know it is the trigger shot still getting out of my system. I took another yesterday and the second line was even fainter. I took another one today and it is barely even there. I figured it would be completely gone by now. Today is 9 dpiui. I will take another one in the morning. Last time an IUI worked I got a very faint positive on 10 dpiui and BFP on 11 dpiui. I didn't trigger that time though.