Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I have never cared for the dentist. I used the same one growing up - all my life - until I got married. I have used the same dentist here in Greenville for the past 6 years. I love both dentists - as a person. I just hate someone working inside my mouth - I guess because it is such a sensitive area and I can't see what they are doing.

I had to get a crown today. Well, at least the temporary. I will have to go back next Tuesday to get the permanent. My mouth wouldn't numb so I had to have 6 shots. I still don't have all of the feeling back yet and I had the work done at 8:00 this morning.

I am tired tonight. I just feel drained. The heat is not helping. It is so incredibly hot here and it is only May. It is going to be a very long, hot summer. Church was GREAT tonight. My pastor's sister and her family were there. They are missionaries to India. It was neat to here their stories about how God is moving among the Hindu and Muslim people!!!!

We taped a video skit after church tonight with the youth. If it gets edited in time it will be played Sunday in church. It is to Casting Crown's "We Are the Body".

I need everyone to pray for me. I have been having the most powerful worship services with God on the way to work in the mornings - listening to The Message on XM Radio but I am having a hard time doing my personal Bible Study at home. It seems there is never any time and I am having trouble making time. I guess I'm just in a slump. I can't find any good material to study by. Nothing seems to "fit" my life right now. I finished "Moments for Couples Who Long for Children" several months ago and have been having trouble ever since. Any suggestions?

Today is cycle day 7. No side effects from the increased dosage of Letrozole yet.


Ev said...

I had to have 3 shots for my root canal last week!! OUch!! :)

Matt and Amberly Collins said...

I join with you on the dentist! I hate them...not personally just going!

I was in a slump too about my devotional at home, and Pinelake did this "read through the bible in a year" type journal where they tell you a passage and you read it, and journal about it. They call it the life journal. Check out the link to the blog on my blog where the pastors are doing it too and they are blogging it online. I'll mail you a life journal if you are interested. It is great too because if I am short for time, I feel like I can squeeze it in and it doesn't have to be deeper than deep, but then sometimes it totally surprises me about what I learn about God and about myself. Also if you get stumped on a passage and really don't understand or get anything out of it, you can always read the blog and see what someone else is doing. PLus I love that I am in the Word instead of someone else's book. Anyway...don't feel pressured, but if you want one, I'll send you one in the mail.

Sorry to write a book! Counting down the days with you!

Matt and Amberly Collins said...

Oh and it is a guided write the scripture, your observation on it, any application you feel to your life, and then your prayer. So it's a lot easier than you expect it to be.

Randy and Tomekia Porter said...

Thanks! I have been the volunteer youth leader for the past three years and loved it! We had a part time youth minister who didn't do anything! Thank goodness he has resigned! I have my technical interview Sunday! BTW I completely understand about the dentist. I have horrible teeth and everytime I go its a big deal! I am praying for you and your husband! I am not feeling any ovulation signs! UGH! Anyway sorry that its so long---Hope y'all have a goodweekend.

Infertile Friend said...

I have read the "Moments for couples who long for children" devotional 3 times. Before that I did the "Longing for a Child: Devotions of Hope for Your Journey through Infertility (Hardcover)
by Kathe Wunnenberg (Author)" I've read it twice and I'm with you - - I can't seem to find another one. These are both so great though. Hope that helps and if you find another one let me know.