Tuesday, June 16, 2009


WOW!! So much has happened in the past couple of weeks. I went to see the maternal/fetal specialist, Dr. Perry, last week. He did a targetd ultrasound. My baby girl is perfectly healthy and measuring right on target. Did you catch that - my baby girl - they were WRONG at 16 weeks. No boy parts whatsoever. Ali Anne weighed 9 oz and measured 18w6d (I was 19w1d). I have pictures scanned in but I forgot them at work. I have an appt with Dr. Connell tomorrow so I will post all of the pictures after I scan the new ones in Thursday.

Dr. Perry wants me to have an ultrasound at least once a month. He said that because of the hyopthyroidism, MTHFR, and positive APA that I am high risk for preeclampsia, toxemia, and stillbirth. But he said as long as I take my medicine everything should be fine. So we are going to focus on the positive. He said after 28 weeks they will start watching me REALLY closely b/c at that point they can take the baby if something goes wrong. I also have to see my thyroid dr every 4 weeks - starting tomorrow.

Dr. Perry also increased my heparin dosage to from 5000 units twice a day to 7500 units twice a day and then at 28 weeks I will increase it to 10000 units twice a day.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Meg - are you happy now??? She has been on me for a while to put a ticker on my blog!!

Everything is still going GREAT with the baby. We will go see Dr. Ken Perry - maternal/fetal specialist - Thursday for a target growth ultrasound because I am on heparin.

Burt left early this morning for a business trip to Estes Park, CO. He will be home late Tuesday night. He landed about 11:00 this morning - his luggage just landed. His luggage made a detour through Minneapolis even though he had a direct flight from Memphis to Denver!! The airline said his luggage is out for delivery and he should have it soon though.

I've been sewing all day. Had a few baby gifts for friends that I needed to make and I have been monogramming towels for graduation gifts - yes I know I am behind - but everything with Papaw set me back just a bit!!