Monday, November 24, 2008

For Melissa


Please email me at

To try to answer your questions I need to ask you a few....

1) How long are your cycles? If you are using an OPK you should start testing around cd 11 or 12. 18 is WAY to late.

2) Where do you live and are you using an OB/GYN or a Reproductive Endocrinologist?

3) About clomid and trigger. You most definitely can use clomid and take a trigger shot that same cycle. After we realized that clomid wasn't going to work for me I moved on to Letrozole, which is basically the same thing as clomid but works differently. The first IUI with Letrozole I used an OPK before the IUI. I got pregnant on that cycle. The other Letrozole/IUI cycles I used a trigger shot. My RE would do vaginal ultrasounds to check my follicle growth until ovulation. When he thought I was ready, I would trigger and then have the IUI 36 hours later.

I know how hard this is for you and not having anyone who can relate can make this even harder. Please know that my husband and I are praying for you and feel free to ask us questions ANYTIME!!!

IUI #6 - 1dpiui

I had the IUI yesterday. Everything went well. Burt's count was 498 million. My favorite nurse did it and it didn't hurt much at all. I then went shopping with Mama, Amy, Todd, and Noah while Burt and Eli went to the church to pick up the bus and the youth - we went to the Third Day Concert last night. It was AWESOME!!! I think I ovulated around 4:00 pm yesterday b/c all of a sudden I was doubled over with cramps - not pain - just really hard CRAMPS. Now we wait....

Eli and I have been hanging out and relaxing all day. We didn't get home till 1:30 am so he slept until 11:00 this morning. Friends are coming over tonight to play the Wii.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I have been feeling queasy for 4 days along with the headaches. At 9:30 last night I started vomiting. I feel better so far this morning - just weak!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Trigger Tonight

I went for my follicle check yesterday!!! My lining was at 9 and I had 9 follicle. The left had sizes 10, 10, 10, 15, 15, 16 and the right had 12, 13, 14. I will trigger tonight and have the IUI Sunday at 9 AM and my favorite nurse Kathryn gets to do it!!!

I am about to complain for a minute - but please don't think I am simply "complaining". I am writing this down in my "journal" - my blog. I feel terrible. I have been queasy for 4 days and have had a migraine for 2. I have no idea what it is. I didn't feel this way with the last shot cycle.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

IUI #6 - cd 7

Still taking the Repronex. My tummy is killing me - not that I am complaining, but it does hurt really bad.

I did something today that some of my friends and family think I shouldn't have done. I called my OB/GYN. I wanted to see what gender the baby was that I lost in February. They did genetics tests so I knew they would know. The nurse told me that they didn't tell me - they were waiting for me to ask. They didn't want to add salt to my wounds. was a little girl. I'm glad I found out but it is a little bittersweet. I will take whatever I can get and BE THRILLED - but my dream has always been to have a little curly red-headed girl. I'm ok. In fact I was fine talking to a friend who was with me when the nurse called and I was fine talking to the nurse. I didn't get upset until I told Burt. He was pretty upset. I think just b/c it was almost like it wasn't real at times, but now it is. Now I wonder what the other 3 are but of ocurse, I can never know. It's easier that way - in a way. Knowing that I had the option of knowing and didn't know killed me. But it doesn't really bother me that I don't know the others - I guess becuase I know that I CAN'T know.

2 more shots until my follicle check!!!

My husband is in the kitchen making me homemade potato soup for supper - YUM!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

IUI#6 - cd 5

I went to the doctor on Friday for an ovary check and estrogen and FSH check. Everything was fine and I started my Repronex injections Friday night. I had the third one tonight!! I will go back to the doctor Thursday for a follicle check and will have the IUI probably sometime next weekend!!

Friday we went to the MPSA Class AAA Division 2 State Football Championship and we won!! Go Gens!!! 3 of the youth at our church play and we are so proud of them!!!

We decorated some more for Christmas this weekend. I am almost done. I don't want to post any pictures until I am completely done though.

I have jury duty tomorrow. I hope I am not seated as a juror. It's not that I just don't want to do jury duty but with my cycle this is not a good week!!! I have a letter from my doctor so I hope that is enough to get me out of it!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Dr. Kutteh's office called and all of my labwork is back and everything was normal except for the MTHFR and Antiphospholipid antibodies. YAY!!! Not that its good that those are bad - but we knew about those 2 so yay that nothing else is wrong.

My cycle started today so I am going to see DR. Isaacs on Friday to have my ultrasound and labwork to start the Repronex injections Friday night - IUI sometime next week!!!

My sister's MTHFRE labwork came back today - she has the EXACT mutations I do....apparently very rare. Her's are just not active. She is now on the aspirin and folgard daily!!!!

I have pictures of our house but I still haven't gotten them off of the camera - maybe this weekend!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Nothing New

Burt and I put up 2 of our 3 Christmas trees last weekend. I am finishing the last one tonight. Our house is a wreck - Christmas boxes/decorations EVERYWHERE!! I am working on my ornaments for ornament exchange at church too!! I will post pics of all of this when I get the house clean. I went to Mistletoe Marketplace with Mom and Amy yesterday. We had a BLAST!! After we finished there - we went shopping all over Jackson!!

Still waiting for my cycle to start - should be soon!!! Once it starts I have been given the go-ahead to do another Repronex/IUI cycle!!