Friday, November 7, 2008

Nothing New

Burt and I put up 2 of our 3 Christmas trees last weekend. I am finishing the last one tonight. Our house is a wreck - Christmas boxes/decorations EVERYWHERE!! I am working on my ornaments for ornament exchange at church too!! I will post pics of all of this when I get the house clean. I went to Mistletoe Marketplace with Mom and Amy yesterday. We had a BLAST!! After we finished there - we went shopping all over Jackson!!

Still waiting for my cycle to start - should be soon!!! Once it starts I have been given the go-ahead to do another Repronex/IUI cycle!!

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Tigerlilly said...

Nothing but the best for you this cycle.
I was reading the blurbs about your journey, man - you guys have been through a lot. I'm really hoping that since they're treating you for the clotting disorder that things will go smoothly.