Tuesday, June 16, 2009


WOW!! So much has happened in the past couple of weeks. I went to see the maternal/fetal specialist, Dr. Perry, last week. He did a targetd ultrasound. My baby girl is perfectly healthy and measuring right on target. Did you catch that - my baby girl - they were WRONG at 16 weeks. No boy parts whatsoever. Ali Anne weighed 9 oz and measured 18w6d (I was 19w1d). I have pictures scanned in but I forgot them at work. I have an appt with Dr. Connell tomorrow so I will post all of the pictures after I scan the new ones in Thursday.

Dr. Perry wants me to have an ultrasound at least once a month. He said that because of the hyopthyroidism, MTHFR, and positive APA that I am high risk for preeclampsia, toxemia, and stillbirth. But he said as long as I take my medicine everything should be fine. So we are going to focus on the positive. He said after 28 weeks they will start watching me REALLY closely b/c at that point they can take the baby if something goes wrong. I also have to see my thyroid dr every 4 weeks - starting tomorrow.

Dr. Perry also increased my heparin dosage to from 5000 units twice a day to 7500 units twice a day and then at 28 weeks I will increase it to 10000 units twice a day.


Beth Verrette said...

Hi Beth,

My name is Beth (I'm also a red head!) and I've been following your wonderful blog for the last 4 months or so! I came across it by chance, I was actually googling infertility terms, and I've been following your story ever since. I actually had a successful IUI on Feb. 16th, so we're only 5 days apart. (We found out this afternoon we're having a little boy, and although the doctor seemed sure, reading your new post will have me wondering!)

I wanted to tell you I'm so extremely happy for you and your husband and I hope & pray for a continued healthy pregnancy for you!

Heather said...

Congrats on your little girl!!! You'll be in my thoughts and prayers for the rest of the pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

Still following you..good to hear that everything is going so well. Congrats on the baby GIRL!!
I am currently 15 weeks with twins!! We are so thankful! Your blog was a blessing to me in some very sad times, we thank God that you put your story out there. Take care, Anna in CA

Maggie said...

Oh my word!
I agree, will continue to pray for health through the rest of the pregnancy.

Ev said...

Girl-Boy, what does it matter! :) CONGRATS! I'm so excited for you and Burt!