Saturday, May 3, 2008

Ultrasound Results

I have been in limbo with the ultrasound results. Dr. Isaacs was not there so one of the nurses did the ultrasound for me. She was really through. But they were going to have to send the results to Dr. I and see what he says. They told me if I don't hear from them over the weekend to come back Monday at 2:30 for the IUI. Here are the results:

Lining - 7mm

Right Ovary
1 egg at 11 mm
1 egg at 8 mm
6 more under 10

Left Ovary
1 egg at 14 mm
1 egg at 10 mm
7 more under 10

I really, really, really hope I ovulate from both ovaries. My left tube was once blocked so I am always afraid it is blocked again. After last month when everything was perfect and I didn't get pregnant and I knew that I only ovulated from the left side - I am really afraid it may be blocked again.

Please keep us in your prayers this weekend. I will let you know what happens Monday. I really hope I get another ultrasound before the IUI.

Burt went to Deer Camp for a meeting today. I am going to work for a bit and then to a crawfish boil at a co-workers house. I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend and it is not stormy wherever you are. We had 3 tornadoes touch down very close to Greenville last night. 1 was 30 minutes west of here and then came through G'town and then 1 came through here and touched down about 30 minutes North of here and then another one touched down about 30 minutes east of here.


Stephanie said...

praying for you!

Heather said...

Praying here for you as well. I will probably have my IUI later this week.