Thursday, January 10, 2008


PRAY FOR ME TODAY, TONIGHT, and TOMORROW - More info tomorrow

Also, in other news. My nurse faxed the wrong progesterone result to my RE. It was 20.5 - IN SEPTEMBER. Monday's number was 33!!! YEA!! That does make me feel so much better. It is no indicator of pregnancy, but the higher the number means the more number of eggs released and/or the greater maturity of the egg/s.

On a funny note - our neighbor's son almost got arrested at our house Tuesday night. We had a horrible storm and I was not a home (Burt was still in Tallahassee - althought he is home now - YEA!!). The alarm company called my cell and said the alarm was going off and they had dispatched the police. I called Chaz's (the neighbor's son) house and told his little sister (6th grade) what was happening and asked that she send him over. She sent him but didn't tell him what was happening. He assumed I needed him to feed the horses - which I did anyway. He said the alarm was going off when he got there so he let himself in and entered the code to turn it off. He said about the time he came out of the house - the cops pull up. They ended up calling me on my cell phone to confirm what Chaz was saying. But I felt so bad!!!! Everything is fine now and the alarm was a false alarm.


Debbie said...

I'm praying, I'm praying....come on!!!!

Debbie said...

Come on!!! UPDATE!!!