Saturday, March 28, 2009


I forgot to post about my fist appointment with my thyroid doctor - Dr. Dyess. I have had Hoshimoto's Thyroiditis since I was 16 (or at least that is when they found it). We kept it under control with medication for a while, but in 2004 it went completely nuts and nothing seemed to control it. My scans came back inconclusive for cancer and just the thought of having cancer scared me to death - so we removed my entire thyroid in July 2004. Luckily, it wasn't cancer. Except for a couple of flare ups here and there, Dr. Dyess has been able to keep my thyroid levels under control. He had always told me when I got pregnant that we would have to increase my dosage of hormones several times. The few pregnancies that I have made it to 6 weeks, I have gone to see him at that point and my levels have been fine. So I thought nothing of going to see him the same day as my 6 week ultrasound at Dr. Isaacs office. The nurse called and gave me my levels. Normal is .5-5 and mine was 18.86. This totally freaked me out. Dr. D increased my synthroid level from .100 mcg to .137 mcg (that is up 3 dosage levels). At that appointment I weighed 126. I go back April 14th for a recheck.

So far it appears that LM (Little Miracle) is doing just fine. I went to see Dr. Connell (my OB) yesterday and he said everything looked normal and GREAT. He said that he was going to try to treat me as normally as possible but that I would have to see Dr. Perry - the fetal/maternal specialist in Jackson several times and that I would have TONS of ultrasounds to check for fetal growth b/c of the heparin. Supposedly heparin babies are healthy but small - so looks like no 9 pound baby for me (SWEET! My husband is 6' 6" tall and weighs close to 300). I have Dr. C's cell phone number and he told me to call if I needed anything and that he has already told his family that if I call - everything else STOPS!!! I LOVE HIM!!! Yesterday I weighed 125 and my blood pressure was 100/64. The ultrasound technician couldn't come in for some reason yesterday so Dr. C rolled the portable machine into my exam room and did the us himself. He is NOT very good at that. We were able to see the baby and the hb and what is left of the yolk sac but we didn't get a good picture b/c he couldn't keep the wand still while he pressed the button. MEN - Go figure!! I will post the picture soon though - I haven't scanned it yet.

Future Appointments:
Dr. Isaacs - Thursday
Dr. Dyess - April 14th
Dr. Connell - April 20th


I am still in awe at how much God has chosen to bless us!!


Shelley said...

I am so happy for yall! I check your blog stalker here!!!! PROMISE! Blogging helps me keep my sanity! SAHM! Keep us updated! Shelley

Roan said...

Hey Beth, You will love Dr. Perry! He was my OB for my first 3 babies, and he delivered all 3....before he left UMC to open his maternal/fetal medicine private practice. He is so sweet! I was VERY sick every time, and he was so kind and understanding. If you think about it, tell him you have a blog reader named Roan Johnson. I send him a Christmas card pic of my kids each year. Please tell him hi!
I am praying that the rest of your pregnancy is normal! :)

Heather said...

Congratulations! Keep taking care of yourself!!!

Tigerlilly said...

Congratulations!! I've just now caught up on your blog!! I'm ecstatic for you both <3

E. Hooker said...

Beth, I'm so happy for yall!!! Congratulations...