Saturday, April 18, 2009


It's been a very busy past two weeks for us - sorry for such a long time between updates.

First, on April 6th our newest nephew, James Bradyn, was born. This is Burt's sister's 3rd child. They are all doing well and Bradyn looks just like his Dad!!!

Then I went home for Easter. Burt stayed here b/c he felt like he needed to be at the church and since as time gets closer for the baby to arrive he will have to take me everytime I want to go home since it is such as long drive that he needed to be at the church for Easter. That Friday night we all went and watch Eli play baseball. I can't believe it - I have NO pictures at all of the entire weekend. The next morning we went to Eli and Noah's Easter Egg Hunt at Bonita Lakes that was hosted by their church. They really went all out. We had an excellent time!!! Afterwards we flew kites at the lake for a while. Then Amy and Todd took the boys home to take a nap and Mom and I drove to Hattiesburg. There is a baby store there that I absolutely love. They sell a chair that I have alwaus wanted if I was ever able to conceive. I went with the intentions of pricing it and picking out fabric for it but I ended up buying it!!! I can't wait for it to come in - I will post pics then!!! It is khaki minky material!!! Then we met the fam for supper and then went to Wal-Mart to buy supplies for Eli's science project that was due the next week. The next day was Easter and we went to church and then all the fam was at Nannie and Papaw's house and we hid eggs over and over and over again for the kids and made Eli's science project - it was a replica of Apollo 13 which his teacher said was Fabulous and gave him 10 extra points b/c his had the most work put into it!!! Way to go E-Man!!! The weather was horrible that night - tornados everywhere - so I stayed with Mom one more night and drove back early the next morning.

I had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday the 14th with Dr. Isaacs at 10w6d. He released me and told me everything looked GREAT!! Here are the pictures!!! The baby was moving around and cutting flips and waving at us!!

Then yesterday I had a little scare. I started spotting just a tiny little bit about 9 am. I called my OB and luckily they were in the office. I told the nurse that I had a yeast infection and I thought that was all it was but she told m to come right then to the doctor. I got there and had a very detailed ultrasound. We saw the placenta and my cervix and the baby's bladder - everything!!! My OB came in for the ultrasound and immediately said everything looked good - there was no free fluid in my uterus and if I am miscarrying that blood will fill my uterus or stomach before I start seeing it on the outside. He said it was probably caused by the yeast infection and all of the meds that I am taking. I am to take it easy all weekend and come back Tuesday for my regular OB appointment. The baby was 11w2d but measured 11w3d!!! Last night we started rearranging the furinture that I already have in the nursery and cleaning that room (it has mostly been used for storage) annd mvoing some furniture from other places in the house in there. My spare bedroom furniture matches what I am buying for the nursery and I didn't need all of that in the spare room so I swiped some of it last night.


Heather said...

Congrats on the great doctor's visit! Sorry to hear about the scare, but glad that everything is OK.

Tigerlilly said...

Isn't it amazing what changes take place in just a couple weeks?! Each time you see the baby, they're lookin' totally different.
My heart dropped when I read you had a little bleeding, but I'm glad everything is looking alright <3

Take it easy mama *huga*