Tuesday, February 12, 2008

8 Weeks with a Heartbeat

We have a heartbeat!!!! I don't know what it measured because my RE doesn't take measurements. He does all of the ultrasounds himself and he said the heartbeat looked good. Unfortunately, he couldn't let me enjoy my moment. The sac is measuring small. I don't know how small b/c once again - no measurements. The baby almost encompasses the entire sac. He is again worried and shocked that the baby grew as much as it did and that we saw a heartbeat. He said that there shouldn't have been a heartbeat. Now he fully expects the heartbeat to disappear in the next few weeks. I have another ultrasound scheduled for Monday at 8:45. Thank you so much for your prayers. Please!! Please!! Keep lifting them up. Now we are praying that the heartbeat continues and that the sac catches up to the baby and that the baby continues growing healthy.

If anyone knows anything or has had any experience with small sac sizes around 8 weeks with a heartbeat, please let me know. I would love any suggestions/commetns that you have.

MY GOD IS THE GOD OF MIRACLES!!!! And I truly believe this sac is going to catch up.

My RE doesn't want to start heparin injections because he doesn't see any reason too. I think he waited too late and now he sees that. He is rerunning all of the tests that I had run after my last miscarriage to see what the results show now. God, please don't take my baby because of the RE's arrogance!!!!!


Debbie said...

Love the title of this entry! It made me so happy.

Ok, I'll keep praying for you. Come on little sac, please catch up with the little miracle you are making inside.


Maggie said...

beth! that little sac and heartbeat will be in my prayers this week. grow, grow grow!

Ev said...

PRAISE GOD!!! Grow saccy GROW!!! Eat some bean sprouts or something, I don't know! :) Congrats BJ!!

Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

Isn't it great that our God is in the miracle business? So excited you saw your baby's heartbeart. (On the serious side of things, is there another doctor that would be a little more positive, or is this just the norm when dealing with this?) We'll be praying for your family.