Wednesday, March 26, 2008

cd 8

Today is cd 8. This cycle is dragging on. I guess because I am so ready for the next IUI. I pray that my OPK detects ovulation in time. I am so ready for the next IUI. I am so ready to see what God as in store for us!!! I feel really confident right now about the next pregnancy. Not sure if I feel confident about the IUI, just the pregnancy.

I am sitting in class tonight. My students are taking a test. They are dropping last flies now. We are one week past mid-term and they have finally realized that if the Lab grade if half of their final grade and they haven't turned in a single lab all semester, they are not going to pass. I just want to yell at them sometimes and say "GROW UP"!!!!

I have a horrible headache today. I know it is hormone induced. You just know the feeling of a hormone induced headache. They started out dull on Sunday and have gotten stronger as the week has gone on. But I am suffering through it. Whatever it takes. One more day of these Letrozole pills and then I can start OPK testing!!!!! Pray that I will receive a positive on the OPK next week (preferably Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday)!!! I know, I know. I shouldn't be that specific about it!!!! :)

Oh and get this. My Mom found out today that the parking garage of the hospital where she works has had drug dealers dealing out of the garage...on the floor where my Mom works!!!! She parks on the 4th floor of the garage because their is an access door straight into the floor where she works. She is usually the last one in the garage at night on that floor and she is usually not scared because it is lit up and their is security "around" but today when she left she saw the drug dealers - RIGHT BESIDE HER CAR.....very scary!!!! Out of the entire floor - they parked right next to her. Please pray for her. The DEA has been around undercover trying to catch them, but that is all Mom needs is to walk out on night to the DEA in the middle of a drug bust right beside her car.

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