Friday, August 29, 2008

Praise Him When I'm Up! Praise Him When I'm Down!!

That has been my motto for a while now and this week that is exactly what I had to do. I was so bummed last week. I was excited that my beta had doubled last Wednesday and that I started the Lovenox but Wednesday night I started to bleed. Very little. But it was definitely red. It got a little heavier Thursday and a little heavier Friday. I decided Friday night that I might like to buy a new embroidery machine. I have been doing A LOT of contact work for a sign company here in town. My little machine just wasn't cutting it. I wanted to go to the shop in Meridian where I bought my first machine and I also wanted to see my Mom. I needed my Mom. I got up early last Saturday morning and drove to Meridian and bought a new machine!!! I bought a Brother PR-620. It is a 6 needle machine!! I love it. We have spent all week setting it up and organizing my sewing room. I finally got to stitch some tonight and I LOVE IT!!! Saturday I started bleeding pretty heavy and it only increased on Sunday. Monday morning I took another pregnancy test and it was very dark. I got my beta redrawn Monday morning and it was 64.1. The nurse said it was still good. It had increased by about 64% every two days. She said it wasn't ideal by any means but it was still good. She said they like to see at least 60%. Bleeding slowed down on Monday and Tuesday but about 3:30 Monday afternoon I felt this HUGE gush (TMI - I'm sssooo sorry). I was bleeding VERY heavy. I was scared. I came home and it didn't stop so I paged the nurse on call and Dr. Isaacs called me back. He told me to stop all of my medicine and to call them the next day. They called me about 7:30 the next morning and by then the bleeding had stopped. The nurse told me to come in that afternoon (Wednesday) and have my levels redrawn if I wanted to - it was totally up to me. So you know what I did - I took my 9th trip to Dr. I's office this month. The level had dropped to 34. I stopped all medication and I am to go back to the office on Tuesday morning to have the level redrawn and when it gets to negative we will sit down and discuss where we go from here. Thanks everyone for all of your prayers this week! I am of course sad but I am going to make it!!


Anonymous said...

Dr. Michael P. Steinkampf
2700 Highway 280 Suite 370 East
Birmingham, Alabama 35223
(205) 874-0000

Roan said...

Still praying for you. Your new machine sounds great!!

Heather said...

I'm so sorry this one didn't work out. Were you on any progesterone support this cycle? It sounds like you might want to discuss that with the doctor next time.

Buford Betty said...

You poor thing! I've been thinking of you lots!