Friday, October 3, 2008

New Business

I have gone into business with a friend - that is why I haven't been blogging much. Between my full-time job, my part-time teaching job, and opening the business, I have been EXTREMELY busy!!! Our business isn't COMPLETELY open yet. we have a booth setup in my partner's sign shop. Our business is called Cutie Patootie!!! We specialize in personalized/monogrammed gifts. We are currently having home parties!! If you live within a couple of hours of me and want to host a party - let me know!!!! We take orders and you and your guests will receive it within a couple of weeks. We have gifts for all ages/sexes!!!

Dr. Isaacs office called me on Monday. Dr. Kutteh's office needs me to have a uterine evaluation before I come to see him on the 21st. The uterine evaluation consists of a cystoscopy and hysteroscopy. They will be done in the office and I will be awake. Now, the nurse says it only takes a few minutes and doesn't hurt bad, but I am a little nervous about a camera going into the Netherregions and filling up my uterus with water while I am awake. I have no idea when I will have this done. It has to be done between when my period finishes and ovulation. My cycle started today so I figure I will have it done sometime late next week!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Beth. My sister-in-law introduced me to your blog because I, also, have been seeing a specialist for over a year now. I love your blog, and find it very helpful and encouraging!

Post some pictures of items from your new business. I would love to see what all you do! :)

Celeste said...

You have definitely got your hands full!!! Does your new business have a website? I would love to order some personalized items. Email me sometime about what all you sell.

I will definitely be praying for your tests. I have developed such a phobia of tests, possible surgeries, and doctor visits so I will be praying all goes well and not too stressful for you!!! I hope to hear from you soon. Love, Celeste

Heather said...

Wow! Good luck with the business. And don't worry about the test. I've had that one done and it wasn't that bad. Ask if you should take some painkillers (Alieve or such) an hour before the procedure. I may have, but can't remember.

Anonymous said...

I googled infertility stuff and somehow came across your blog. I am in the beginnings of infertility treatment. This is IUI #1 (Clomid & HCG trigger with vaginal progesterone following procedure)and I am DPO #4 and in my 2WW. You are a strong woman. One month of this and I'm not sure how long I can keep this up. My email is I would love to coorespond with you. I have no friends who have been through this.