Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm Still Alive

I'm back home and back at work. I had the D&C last Monday and went home with Mom after the surgery. Everything went well. I had some blood pressure problems but they got it under control in a fairly short time. Christmas was good. I, of course, lost it on Christmas Eve. Luckily only Mom and Burt were there. Christmas Day was better. Everyday has gotten easier. Dr. Connell called me Sunday night and said my pathology report came back but it didn't show anything. I will go back for my Post-Op on Monday and I guess go back to Dr. Isaacs from there. Dr. Kutteh called and said to start the heparin the day of the IUI next time.

Other than that - I'm just sewing away. That is all I did before Christmas. I thought I was done but I came home to 3 more big orders. I don't mind though - it's paying off my machine!!!!

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Buford Betty said...

Thinking of you... hope 2009 brings us both a little miracle! :-) Happy New Year!!!