Thursday, September 3, 2009


I found out yesterday that I passed my glucose tolterance test - my level was 114.

We didn't get ANY ultrasound pictures last Friday. The best thing we saw in 4d was her hand opening and closing. The us tech said her head was on my right side and her feet on my left and she was stretched out. She was facing my back and very squished. The tech said there was not much room in there.

We are going back tomorrow to try again.

I also didn't gain ANY weight in the past three weeks.

We toured labor and delivery and the NICU!! Everyone was SUPER nice!!!

Tomorrow Burt, Mom, Eli, Noah, and I are headed to Atlanta for the weekend. We have tickets to the Braves games on Sunday and are going to the Aquarium and who knows what else on Saturday!! I am so excited!! This trip was Burt's Father's Day, Anniversary, and Birthday gift!!!