Thursday, September 24, 2009


Had another non-stress test at Dr. Connell's office today. Everything looked GREAT again!! Only thing is I have lost 2 pounds (down to 140) in the past week. Even though I am eating everything in site. I have eaten like an entire cake in the past 2 days!!! I just hope Ali Anne is growing since I am losing weight. I have been measuring my belly every morning with a measuring tape and it hasn't changed in 3 weeks!!! It is still round about 34 inches!!!

I had a surprise baby shower at bunko Tuesday night!! It was so much fun and I got tons of cute things!!! I don't have pictures because since it was a surprise I didn't have my camera but someone else took pictures for me and said that she would send them to me this week.

Then Burt had a surprise shower over at his office yesterday. I went over and had some cake with them. Once again - no pictures!!!! Ugh!! We did get some nice gifts though.

Saturday is my shower with all of my friends and then Sunday is the shower at our church here in Greenville!!! Mom and Nannie are coming in tomorrow night sometime for the long weekend. They are staying over until Monday since the shower Sunday is not until 2-4 PM and then by the time we got home and got unloaded and got them loaded and something to eat it would be late and plus I see Dr. Perry again Monday morning. It only makes sense for them to stay!!! I am excited!!!

I already have so many thank you cards to write but I don't want to write them until I put all of the gifts away and I don't want to do that until Mom and Nannie see them. Maybe I can get a good many done over the weekend!!!


Keta said...

I read your post in January 2009 the first time I had an IUI and I was touched by your story. It was so heart wrenching to read about the numerous miscarriages you had. Now I'm doing my second IUI, which seems like it might be a failed attempt as well and I'm glad I came across your page and saw that you are carrying your pregnancy to full term. I am so happy and hopeful for you. It gives me hope that one day I can conceive.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog almost a year or so ago when I was trying to get pregnant (after many years of trying). I eventually did and I have an infant son now - woohoo! Motherhood is more than wonderful. My thoughts and prayers are with you in the last stretch. Give an update soon - Hope all is well. :)