Friday, October 9, 2009


Not much has happened the past few weeks. I saw Dr. Perry twice last week and he other than being very small, Ali Anne is doing GREAT. Last Monday she weighed approximately 4 lb 3 oz. Then I saw Dr. Connell twice this week and had 2 non-stress tests. Both were perfect.

When I saw Dr. Connell on Monday he checked me and said AA was still breech and that I had not dilated at all - I hadn't even thinned out any.

I was having a few contractions on Monday. I had like 4 in an hour but they weren't hard and then I might have one and then another one 15 minutes later and then another one 5 minutes later and then another one an hour later. I have been doing this most of the week.

Then I went back to see Dr. Connell on Thursday. He checked me again and said I have dilated some and he "THINKS" AA has turned. His words were "if she hasn't turned, her butt has gotten REALLY hard and skinny in the past 3 days"!! HA!! We had a ton of questions for him and he was SUPER patient with us. And before we left, we scheduled an induction day of THURSDAY, Oct 15th - 6 days from now!!!! I am so EXCITED!!! I can't believe she will be here so soon!!! I still have so much to do!!!!

We have to be at the hospital (River Region in Vicksburg) at 6 am Thursday for lab work and an ultrasound and if she is breech then he will try to turn her and if it doesn't work we will have a section!!!


Lisa said...

I am so excited for you.

Rick Massey said...

I hope this note finds you well, and enjoying your little one that you have worked and tried so hard for!!!

I have been counting my blessings everytime I read of your struggles and am in awe of your constant faith and perseverance.

Good luck, now comes the gray hair inducing part!

Rick Massey

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