Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween, Christmas Decorations, and Babies

First of all,

I know I am really late, but I am so busy during the always.

Eli, Noah, and Anna Kate were precious. But of course, I forgot the pics at work. I'll post them Monday. Eli was Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean, Noah was the Cookie Monster, and Anna Kate was a cowgirl.

Now that Halloween is over, I started putting out my Christmas Decorations tonight. Burt put up the tree last night. I have been working on the ornaments and the decorations around the house tonight. I will post some pics this week. We are going to go ahead and take our Christmas card picture this week so that we can have them made.

And finally I am not pregnant. Had you thinking I was didn't I. No, my friend Meg had her baby, Katie Margaret, yesterday. She is precious. I have pictures but I don't want to upload them until Meg does on her site. They should be up soon. She is still in the hospital. As for me, today is cd 17. I think I ovulated yesterday. Looks like we have had perfect timing this month and I have had a good amount of EWCM. At least I think it is a good amount. It tons more than I have EVER seen. I will go next Friday for my lab work and see what my progesterone is.

I am so excited about my Christmas tree. I love this time of year. But and I have been so blessed this year. Really, we have. Even if we haven't had a baby, we are still EXTREMELY blessed. On a sad note, Burt's cousin lost her baby at 17 weeks. Keep her in your prayers. She already has 4 children that range from 2 - 12. Her 2 year olds are twin girls and one of them has down syndrome. Heather has always wanted 5 children. They are going to keep on trying. The doctors don't know what happened. Her, her husband, and the 4 children went to the doctor for her 17 week checkup and were going to let the kids hear the heartbeat but it wasn't there. They said the baby died at 15 weeks.

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Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

Thanks for letting us know about Meg. I've been checking her blog to see the big news.