Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Tonight, I gave my very first final ever. My students did really well. No one failed, no one made Ds. I had 2 Cs and the rest were As and Bs. I was really worried. I thought they were all going to fail and then there I would be, a first year teacher with a bad rep.

Today is cd 27. Temps are still up. Chickened out of a test today. If my temps are still up in the morning, I will test again. I have this feeling that they will plummet though. But the weird thing is that I always spot 3 days before my period. But this month...nothing. Even if I calculated based on ovulating on cd 17 and I know I didn't, I should be spotting today. I'm trying not to read anything into this. I know it is just my body playing really cruel tricks on me again.

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Debbie said...

shhh...I'm cheering quietly so that it sticks.

fingers crossed