Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Party, Pictures, BFN

Today we had a going away party for Yolanda at work. She is transferring to another unit within our area. She hates our unit. She thinks we are all out to get her. Her last day will be next Friday. She HATES me. She is very threatened by me. I do the Bioinformatics work and she does the general IT work in our unit. Now I am going to have to take on her duties, but I am supposed to get a raise soon for doing it. It is not real simple to give some a raise in the federal government. I am at my maximum grade level and they are going to have to totally rewrite my position to give me the promotion. And, to makes things harder, they have lost my personnel file. I'm really not surprise. It has been stolen before.

Guess what??? I got my Christmas Present early. I had told you several weeks ago that they were installing my china cabinet. We finally finished it about a week and a half ago. It makes the dining room look really BIG. I was worried when they brought it in that it would be too big and would absorb the room, but it doesn't. It is solid oak. Here it is:

Today is cd 26. No sign of AF. I ovulated on cd 11 or 12....I know REALLY early, even for me......especially for me. I have ovulated this early once before. Even on the fertility drugs, I can't seem to ovulate normally. Usually is it around cd 17 or 18 but every once in a while something like this happens. I broke down and took a cheap test from Dollar General today...mainly b/c that is the only store we have in Leland. It was a BFN....AGAIN!!! I am so frustrated, so angry, terrified, disappointed, broke, hurt, jealous. I have so many emotions running through my head right now. Oh and I forgot to tell you, remember Yolanda, she is pregnant with #3.

Here are some pictures of our house decorated for Christmas. From this angle the trees look crooked, but standing in the yard, they don't.

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Debbie said...

Beautiful shots of your Christmas decorations and your beautiful china cabinet. Congrats.

And I'm so sorry about the BFN. I know all those feelings of frustration all too well. Hang in there Sweet, I'm sending you ((BIG HUGS)).