Sunday, December 9, 2007

I'm Back

Ok. I know I have been away from Blog Land for a while now, but I'm back. Life has been so crazy for us. I went home during Thanksgiving and then had tons to do the week after and then I went home last weekend again to hear Eli sing his very first solo in church. Yes, I cried...a lot. Then this past week I had ornament exchange at church and then so much to do. Burt and I went and ate breakfast at Sonic one morning this week and decided that was the most time we had seen each other all week. Mom came this weekend to see the house decorated for Christmas. So much to catch you up on but it will all have to wait. We put up a live wreath on the door tonight and live garland and 2 6 ft. pre-lit douglas fir trees. I'll take a picture and upload tomorrow night. I already have the camera downloading pics tonight. Remind me if I forget. I better go for now. I'll write more tomorrow.

Int he TTC world, I ovulated REALLY early this 11. Today is cd 23. I broke down and took a test. BFN!!!

Oh well, on to IUI next month. I'm kinda worried about it though b/c I don't ovulate normally. I ovulate anywhere between cd 11 and 17 so there will probably be a lot of monitoring. Anyone been though this and can give me some advice?


Stephanie said...

I didn't do IUI since I had too many follicles (7- with injectables) so we went straight to IVF so we wouldn't have to cancell, but I am sure they will be monitoring you closely and will time your IUI right. Best of luck to you on your next cycle!

Debbie said...

We did 5 rounds of IUI with no sucess (male factor only) so we are on to IVF. But you should be on either ssomething like Follistim or Clomid to help you ovulate more regularly. At least that is my experience but of course the doctors know best.

Good luck on this next cycle!

Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

My experience was I would go in when they estimated ovulation, then they would do a sonogram to confirm. If I wasn't, they would postpone the IUI. They should explain all that to you during your appt.