Monday, February 2, 2009

And we're off....IUI#7 cd3

Today is cd 3 and you know what that means!!! I went to see Dr. Isaacs today to get my ultrasound done and my FSH and Estrogen checked. Everything was great. He said my ovaries looked TERRIFIC!! I start my Repronex tonight. I have already started the heparin. I started it Saturday. I am also already taking my Folgard twice a day. I will go back on Saturday for a follicle check. IUI will probably be sometime middle of next week!!!
Essi's birthday party is Saturday. I have no idea what I am going to buy her. I bought her a new outfit a few weeks ago and have already given it to her, but I have to have something for the party. Anybody got any ideas. I'm not even sure exactly how old she is. I know that is horrible of me. She will either be 6 or 7 - I'm thinking 6. She is very athletic and loves to be outside but she loves getting all dresses up too!!! Maybe I'll just get her a doll and some "Target Money" (gift card)!!!

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Lisa said...

A pretty card with a Target card will make her happy so she can be a grown up and get whatever she wants and what a good way to teach her how to handle a set sum of money..
Good luck with this round praying for you.