Thursday, August 16, 2007

cd 1

Well, at 5:30 this morning Aunt Flo knocked on the door. I tried to make her go away, but she pushed right on in.

I am really frustrated right now. I figured up today that in 22 months I have done 15 rounds of clomid and only achieved pregnancy once and then miscarried. I have been adding premarin to see if maybe I have a mucous problem. That has not changed anything. I am really worried now that something is wrong with my eggs. We know Burt is fine. He could populate the entire world himself. I took Depo-Provera for four years. I am really worried that it did something to my eggs. I know I have some good ones. I have gotten pregnant twice, but miscarried both times b/c of clotting.

I called my Ob/GYN today and told him I was ready to go see the RE, Dr. Issacs, in Jackson. The nurse said it would probably be tomorrow before she would get the appointment made but that she would call me tomorrow. IUI here I come!!!!


Stephanie said...

Glad you are moving on to the next step. I am sure that gives you a renewed hope. It should, your odds go up. Wishing you luck with your first IUI.

Debbie said...

I'm so sorry, AF is so rude. I wish you luck with your IUI, it's great to be proactive.

I know what you are feeling and I know how frustrated you are, I'm sorry this is so hard for us.