Saturday, August 25, 2007

Water, Water Everywhere!!!!

Julie was induced at 6 am yesterday. I didn't go to the hospital until we knew something. We had one friend sitting up there who kept calling all of us. When I got off work at 4 yesterday, I called the hospital and they said she still had not delivered. WE have Burt's 10 year class reunion this weekend and were supposed to have drinks at Fermo's last night. We decided after work that since Julie had not had the baby, there was no reason to go to the hospital yet. We decided to go home and change clothes for the reunion and then go to the hospital before we went to the reunion. WE walked in the house and I changed clothes and didn't notice anything. Burt walked in the bedroom and and when he did water started seeping through the joints in our hardwood. There was no evidence of a leak - other than that. No water on the floor in our bathroom. The walls weren't wet and it was only in one spot in our bathroom. We shut the water off and called the plumber who came right on. He had to cut a hole in our bedroom wall to find the pipes. He said it was a really slow leak in the copper pipes. He said it has probably been leaking since the house was built and it just now accumulated enough water to show. He fixed the leak and we went to Lowe's and bought a dehumidifier. It has been running all night and we have filled up 2 buckets with water. The floor isn't squishy anymore and when you step on it water doesn't seep through, so hopefully it didn't damage the hardwood too much. We do have extra hardwood but I really don't want to have to pay someone to come in and lay it, especially since the dehumidifier cost $150.

So after we hooked the dehumidifier up, we had already missed the reunion (but that's ok - more reunion today). So we decided to go on to the hospital. We walked through the doors about 7:30 and met Shannon's parents in the hall. Maggie Grace Moore was born at 7:13 pm last night and while she was a premie, she was a healthy premie. She weighed 4 lb 14 oz and was 17 1/2 inches long. I think they had her due date off a little. I think she was further along then they had thought, which is quite possible because she doesn't really know when she conceived because she was on the pill and she was about 10 weeks before she knew she was pregnant. I was a little irritated last night. They said Maggie was fine but after 2 hours Julie still had not seen her and they wouldn't let her go to the nursery - not even in a wheelchair - and there was nothing wrong with her. Then, this hospital doesn't have a neonatologist and we don't have a pediatrician in this town either, so they had to call the Family Doctor who also sees babies. But they said that there was no reason to call him until this morning. They were not going to call a Dr at all to look at the newborn last night - not even as a PREMIE!!!!!! I had to leave about 9:30, I was about to lose it. This is not the hospital we will use. My doctor is in Vicksburg ( an hour away). These people here are crazy!!!!

Still excited about seeing Dr. Isaacs Monday. Keep us in your prayers. I really want to try something, anything, this cycle. I took my clomid and Monday is cd 12 and I usually ovulate around cd 18 so hopefully we can fit in a IUI this cycle.

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Heather said...

Congratulations on your friend's baby! Sorry to hear about the leak. Hopefully the dehumidifier will do the trick and you won't have to replace the wood.

And above all good luck on the doctor's appt. Hope you can fit in a successful IUI this month.