Friday, September 7, 2007

Another Long Week....

Working at USDA full-time and teaching two night classes on top of that is kicking my butt!!!!

I went home this past weekend to see Mom and the boys. We had a GREAT time. Eli and Noah spent the entire weekend with us. Amy and Todd even cooked barbecue for me, Mom, KK, Aunt Ann, Uncle Sonny, Nannie, and Papaw on Monday. I got home about 7:30 Monday night. I had hoped to be home sooner than that, but oh well, such is life.

Worked Tuesday. Played tennis Tuesday night.

Class Wednesday night and Thursday night.

Work today. It has been a crazy busy week at work. I helped Dr. Peterson with the fish at the hatchery in a study he is doing because Monica has not been there all week (she is his technician). She will probably not be in for at least another week. I am so worried about her. She hasn't left the house since Sunday. She's not taking calls or visitors either. She is in a serious state of depression. And rightly so. I am just so worried about her. And so many people have called her and they have no clue what to say and they end up making things worse.

We are going to Pine Bluff to an 8 hour contemporary Christian concert tomorrow. I think there are 7 artists performing. We are taking the youth from the church. I hope to get some sleep on Sunday between Morning services and evening services. I have so much to do around the house though.

And on top of that. I am on CD 23 and my BBT chart is showing no ovulation. My temps have not risen at all. I have all the classic signs of ovulation but my temp has not risen. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Has anyone else ever ovulated and the temp didn't rise? I didn't use an OPK this month because they usually don't work anyway (Dr. Isaacs said they only work for 85% of women anyway) and when I should have ovulated I was at Mom's house and Burt was here so there was no point anyway.

Check out my friends', Jeff and Abby, blog
They are on their way to Taiwan right now to get their precious little baby Reed that they adopted. He is 6 months old. They will be home next Friday.

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Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

Hey Beth,

Thanks for the Advo! We are tired and in Taiwan. Excited that in 12 hours, we're headed to get our babe.