Saturday, September 15, 2007


Bummer. I think AF will be here tomorrow. My temp dropped today. And I even had an implantation dip right when I should have. AF is due tomorrow so I am sure she will come right on time in the morning.

We have been so busy today. We never cleaned the stickers off of the windows when we moved in the new house. We borrowed some scaffolding and have been cleaning all day. We are not quite finished. we also cleaned out the garage and cleaned off the back porch. The front porch is filthy. But I don't know when we will get to finish it. We have church in the morning and then Burt has 2 tennis matches tomorrow afternoon/night. Monday I have a board meeting at the tennis club and Burt has to referee a junior high football game that got rained out Thursday night because of the monsoon that came from the remnants of the hurricane that hit Texas. Then Tuesday night we both have a tennis match. Wednesday night he has church and I have class. Thursday night he has to call a game and I have class and Bunko. And then we are back to Friday. We are way too busy. We need to slow down. We missed Burt's nieces sixth birthday party today. I feel really bad but her Mom waited until this week to plan it and we had plans around the house. Plus, I looked at the calendar and since March we have had 2 weekends at home with nothing to do. And between now and Thanksgiving, there won't be but a couple more.

I guess one positive will come this week from AF visiting. I will get to start the new fertility drug, Letrozole. Has anyone taken this? Any side effects? Anything I should expect? Anything you feel like telling me about it? Did it work for anyone?