Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Long Week

Last week was a very long week for me. Sorry I didn't get any posts done. Here is a breakdown of my week:

Monday - Dr. Isaacs - we all know how that went

Tuesday - Tired from Monday. It was a long day in Jackson at the doctor and didn't get home until 9:30. Went to bed Tuesday night when I got home from work.

Wednesday - Taught night class after my full-time job.

Thursday - Taught night class after my full-time job.

Friday - My friend Monica, the one who is pregnant and got married in June, lost her baby. They really don't know what happened. She was 24 weeks. They are going to run some tests. I have told you before that she wasn't using an OB. She was seeing a family practitioner and I didn't like some of the things he was telling her. I'm really worried about her. She is blaming herself. She had just told me last Thursday that she hated being pregnant. She said God took her baby because she was ungrateful and complained so much. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She and Jay have along road ahead of them. They had just ordered Lindey's nursery bedding and it came in over the weekend. I left here Friday and went and went to see Mom. Eli and Noah spent the night with us Friday night and then Saturday we met Amy and Todd and went shopping. Then to church on Sunday. Sunday afternoon Trey and Sidnette brought Essi for all of us to meet (the little girl they have adopted). She is 4 and is precious. Late Sunday afternoon Mom and I went to town shopping. Then yesterday we had lunch at Amy adn Todd's house (yes, they cooked). Then we spent the afternoon boxing up baby clothes and going through all of Eli's clothes. I brought back 8 of the BIG rubbermaids full of clothes. Now if only I have a boy. If we have a girl I don't know what I will do with all of this. Now I have to go home today and unpack it all. I'm not even pregnant and will have a closet full of clothes. I hope I don't lose it while I am unpacking.

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Heather said...

I'm so sorry for your friend's loss. I hope she can move beyond blaming herself. She had nothing to do with it. I hope they find out what caused the problem soon so she can have some closure.

Sounds like you had a tough week too. Take it easy for a bit if you can.