Sunday, September 9, 2007


We took the youth to the concert (VerticalFest) last night. It was ok. Not really my taste in music. There were 13 bands and some were really good. It was Heavy Metal Christian music. But two of the band would sometimes stop in the middle of the set and have a time of worship and sing praise songs. It was really nice when they did that. The kids had fun and it was all about Jesus so I really can't complain. We got home about 1 am. I am exhausted today. I had to sign for the deaf for both service in church today. I forgot to take my synthroid yesterday. i remembered it at 11 pm last night on the bus and then there was nothing I could do, so I feel AWFUL today. Hopefully, I can get some rest tonight though.

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Stephanie said...

YOu are a very busy gal. What a trooper taking the youth to a concert. I remember being in youth group and having fun adults that took us on trips and the such. Your doing a great thing for those kiddos!