Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!

Today is my 28th birthday!!! Friday was Burt's 29th birthday and Thursday was my niece's (Anna Kate's) 3rd birthday!!! Burt gave me a watch and a North Face jacket. I gave Burt jeans and a gun cleaning kit.

We went home this past weekend to see the family and to go to Anna Kate's birthday party. I will have to upload the pics later, as well as the pics of the new truck. I am too tired tonight. We didn't get home until 9:30 last night and had tons to do when we got home. I ran errands after work today and then we planted 2 crepe myrtles in the yard. Since then I have been cooking food for a going away party for a girl at work. One other lady and I are going to prepare all of the food. It is easier that way.

This will be a busy week for me. Tons to do. I did finally get a paycheck from the college for the classes I have been teaching so now it seems worth it.

Today is cd 16. Keep your fingers crossed!! I have had or the past couple of days egg white CM. This is a first ever for me. I have never had it before. Things are looking up for me. It may not happen this month, but at least I know the new medicine is doing something!

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Heather said...

Happy Birthday and lots of luck this month! I'd like to see the pic of the the crepe myrtles. We went to Tennessee a few years ago and our joke on that trip was to point out all the crepe myrtle we'd see. We'd just shout out "Crepe Myrtle!!!" Too funny. Now we want at least one in our yard.