Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Well, BFN....again.

I come to you with a broken heart tonight. At 11dpiui with my last IUI, I had my BFP. Today - nothing. Not even an evaporation line. One side of me says "Shut up crazy girl - it's still early" and the other side says "Face It. It's Over". I am crying as I type. I know it may still be early. I have a friend who didn't get her BFP until 13dpiui. I am crampy and weepy though - so I know AF is on the way. I am so depressed. I came home an hour ago and have been in bed ever since. I just want to go back to bed and sleep for a long, long time. Please God, Please!!!

Why can't I have the one thing I want more than anything in this world. How can women, teenagers, get pregnant "accidentally" and even better "while on the pill" and I can time everything perfectly under the best conditions and I still can't seem to get pregnant.

Please pray for me tonight and tomorrow. Please pray hard for a BFP!!!!

Oh and I've Been Tagged
And it's a first for me too!!! I was tagged by Celeste to play a "who are you?" game. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning. Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people, posts their names, and then leaves a comment on their blogs, letting them know they've been tagged!

What Was I Doing Five Years Ago?
I was in graduate school at Delta State University pursuing a Master’s of Business Administration with a CIS emphasis.

Five things on my to do list today (or things I did today):
1) Go to CVS and buy more HPT.
2) Take more HPT
3) Stop stressing about HPT
4) Make out my test for class tomorrow night
5) Watch “Dancing with the Stars”

Five snacks that I love
1) Oreo Cream Pie
2) Cinnamon Toast
3) Chips and Kroger Brand French Onion Dip
4) Now & Laters
5) Triscuits & Ranch Dressing

Five Things I would do If I were a Billionaire
1) Tithe and Give
2) Buy Burt his own hunting club
3)Pay off all the debt me, my sister and Mom “might” owe (I don’t know if they do or not)
4) Invest
5) Save

5 bad habits I have:
1) Calling Burt names (just joking around - but sometimes it does hurt his feelings even though he knows I am only kidding around)
2) Taking HPTs
3) Reading Dr. Google
4) Doing my prayer time and Bible Study at night when I am super tired
5) Retail Therapy

Five places I've lived:
1) Greenville, MS (For the past 6 years)
2) Mississippi College, Clinton, MS (College Years)
3) Enterprise, MS (born and raised)
4) Salzburg, Austria (Spring semester 2001)
5) Cloud 9 (The last time I got a +HPT)

Five Jobs I've Had
1) Part-time Programmer/Analyst (WorldCom)
2) Bioinformaticist/IT Specialist (USDA)
3) Adjunct Professor (Mississippi Delta Community College)
4) Resident Assistant (MC)
5) Receptionist (Baptist Healthplex – Mississippi College)

Five people I want to know more about (a nice way of saying TAG):
1) Amberly Collins
2) Stephanie
3) Debbie
4) Maggie
5) Meg

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leeandceleste said...

Thanks for playing the tag game. We have a lot in common. As I read your latest post, I just share your tears. It is such a deep anguish that I wish I could fix for you. I too am crying as I type this. I know the inward battle of anger and faith and the guilt for feeling it. I am praying harder than ever for you. Thanks for being so honest. love, Celeste