Sunday, April 13, 2008

Great Weekend

I have had a WONDERFUL weekend. Friday morning I went to Jackson to get my progesterone checked. It was greater than 20 which is what Dr. Isaacs office likes to see one week post-IUI!!! I had to drive 4 hours round-trip for a two second blood draw!!! Oh well, whatever it takes.

Mom came on Friday night and brought Eli and Noah. We had a GREAT time. We played outside all day yesterday. I miss those boys so much!!!

I'm hanging in there and waiting. I took a pregnancy test Friday, yesterday and today. The trigger shot is officially out of my system. It was really faint on Friday, much fainter yesterday, and only one line on the stick today. That is GREAT news. Now, if, I get a positive test I can be sure I am pregnant and that it is not the lingering effects of the trigger shot. I am so nervous about this week. I so hope I am pregnant. Last time I got a positive it was "really" faint, almost non-existent, on 10dpIUI and then very positive on 11dpIUI. Today is 9dpIUI!!!

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