Saturday, April 5, 2008

IUI yesterday

Yesterday was quite eventful. Our IUI appointment was at 10:00. Burt did his thing and then the lab tech did her thing and then about 11:15 they called me back. I was surprised because usually Dr. Isaacs nurse Peggy does his IUIs, but he did it on Friday. Other than the uncomfortableness from speculum, I didn't feel a thing. I didn't even feel the catheter or the long cramp when they inject the sperm. I was SHOCKED. I had to ask him if he actually did it and of course I didn't believe him, so I asked Burt!!!

We left the office about 12:00 and headed to Kyoto's for lunch. As soon as they started cooking our food, the power went out and then we heard some loud noises and then the pressure in the building was so strong. We pulled back the blinds and saw a whole tree fly down the road about the cars. There was a tornado right above us. It was so scary. I am shaking now just typing about it.

Today we helped some friends move from one house right down the road from us to another one right down the road on the other side of us. Tonight we rode down the levee to look at the flooding water for a while. They are closing the levee tomorrow. Burt can go up there b/c he has to. He has been rising the levee everyday for two weeks and will continue to for about another 2 weeks looking for weak spots in the levee. He said we could go up there later this week when it gets to its highest point. You have to remember that our house butts up to the levee. We are not scared. It is only at 55' now and is only supposed to get to 56' and the levee at our house is supposed to withstand 72'. As long as it doesn't completely break in some part of town we are all fine. Now the people who built their houses inside the levee are already flooded - BIG TIME.

Please pray for us over the next two weeks as we wait - most of you know how difficult that is. I will have my progesterone checked onm Friday. I actually had Dr. Isaacs laughing both days this week. I think he is finally starting to let his guard down with me.

Oh BTW - Normal sperm count is supposed to be 20 million. Burt had 245 million last IUI. This time it was 370 million. Everything was PERFECT!!!!!


Debbie said...

OMG, 370 million! That's unbelievable! Congrats, I have a really good feeling about this one.

Please stay safe, it's so scary to hear about the tornado from here!

leeandceleste said...

Wow, Burt is a manly man. ha ha. I am so glad all went well. I have been dying to hear and was unable to get online this weekend. I am praying hard!!!Celeste

Anonymous said...

Is Burt a Bull?

Maggie said...

Yea! Glad the appointment went so well.

And I'm sorry lunch did not! We hunkered down in the closet, but our house was fairly unscathed.

leeandceleste said...

"Tag, You're It!" I have tagged you; I hope you'll do it. The instructions are on my blog.