Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cell Phones Do Not Belong in the Toilet

OK. So I accidentally did something stupid. I dropped my cell phone in the toilet. I took the battery off and it is drying. A friend who used to work on cell phones told me that if you let it dry before you put the battery back on it, it will work. We'll see in the morning. I just got this phone. It is just a cheap Nokia, but it had my life on it. I need for my phone to work. Hopefully, keep fingers crossed, pray it will work in the morning. I have my Drs cell phone, home phone, and pager on it. I don't want to ask for it again, but I guess I will if I need to. Today is cd 3. Just trudging along. I got my clomid filled last night and the pharmacist felt the need to hear my life story. Then we went to the church tonight for Burt to give blood in the blood drive and everyone there seemed to want an update and asked very specific, personal questions. This along with my friend at work who is pregnant came back from her honeymoon and has done nothing but complain. If I hear say one more time "I'm Fat" I might have to slap her. I just want to yell out "You are carrying (sp?) around a whole other freaking person inside you, did you think you would stay the same size!!!!! UGH!!!!

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Heather said...

Good luck on this cycle. I'll be pulling for you. Hope the cell phone works once it dries up. It should. I've seen it done before. My SILs cell fell in the pool the other week and it's fine. Sounds like the same type of phone too.