Sunday, May 20, 2007

cd 9

I finish my clomid tonight. I had a horrible headache during church today. It was clomid induced. They are very distinct.

Yesterday we went to Kirsten's dance recital. She did really well. Uncle Burt and Aunt Bet were very proud of her. Then today we went to see Burt's Papaw. His Mamaw dies two years ago this weekend so we spend this day with him every year. It was nice. Burt, Leslie, and I went to church with Papaw and then the WHOLE family ate lunch at Papaw's and then went to the cemetary. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed spending it with Burt's family very much.

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Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

AH! The Clomid headaches and mood swings! We've been through it all, including VERY expensive fertility treatments (IUIs and Testing), when we were finally told IVF or probably not going to happen. We were very sure at that point that adoption was for us. We've not looked back and eagerly look ahead. It is a total blessing and we don't even have Reed in our arms yet. Feel free to email us, What are you all doing now? We're in Nashville, Abbey is finishing up teaching this week (she's going to be a work-at-home mom to Reed, now!) and Jeff is Editor in Chief of Preteen Sunday School resources at LifeWay.