Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Rewind....Fast Forwad

Ok. So I haven't written in a while. I just kept thinking every month that this would be the month. Well, some friends have suggested I update this as a journal so here goes.....

November - BFN (clomid - did ovulate)
December - BFN (clomid - did ovulate)
January -BFN (clomid - did ovulate)
February - incredibly frustrated. Went back to the Dr. We decided to have laparoscopic surgery. Found endometrosis and a blocked/kinked left tube. Fixed all that and cleared to start "trying again".
March - BFN (clomid - progesterone was 38.80)
April - This is where we are now. My period is supposed to start Friday. Just took a test.......hold on.........BFN!!!!!!!!
We'll wait and see what the next few days hold. My temps have looked GREAT but today they took a nose dive, but they are still 3/10ths above the coverline. I haven't given up hope yet for this month...but I am a little depressed. A friend of mine at work announced today that she is pregnant and has set a weding date for June 30th. AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!

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Stephanie said...

Thanks for the link to your site. I will be checking in on you often and hoping to hear good news. great idea to do a recap of your treament. I should do that too.