Tuesday, June 26, 2007

So far, so good

No headaches so far on the Premarin. Hopefully I won't get any.

Burt's roommate in college and his wife (Chip & Markell) had their baby today. 8 lb 2 oz - William Ezekiel "Zeke" Carter. I am really happy for them. They host a baby this week last summer. The cord became pinched. She was 24 weeks.

Another friend of Burt's and his wife (Robbie and Maribeth) called last week and they just found out they are pregnant with their 2nd child. Robbie kinda felt bad b/c he was so excited (and we are happy for them) and he blurted out "We didn't think it would happen this soon". This is the first month off birth control. As soon as he said it he realized what he had said.

My friend at work who is pregnant and not married went to the Dr today to find out what she is having. They couldn't tell. They thought she was about 20 weeks pregnant but apparently not. She has a quack for a dr. This is the first ultrasound they have done this whole time. He guess on how far along she was last time by listening to the heart beat.

Oh well, such is my life. It will happen. I know it will.

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